Tattoo Removal

Studio 31 has partnered with Removery to provide Worcester area clients the most advanced laser removal services in Massachusetts. The Finery has performed over 100,000 successful treatments since 2012 and brings tattoo removal expertise to Studio 31.
Specializing in fading for Coverup Tattoos and Complete Tattoo Removal
State of the art laser equipment
Family owned and operated
Fully trained laser removal team
Industry-leading experience
Over 100,000 successful clients

Laser Tattoo Removal Starts With A Consultation

The tattoo removal process begins after you have met with your artist to determine what needs to be faded for your new tattoo design. You can then schedule a time to talk with Removery to talk about how the tattoo removal process works. During the free tattoo removal consultation, the laser tech will review your tattoo and your medical history to determine the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired result.

Tattoo Removal For Coverup Tattoos

Our cover-up tattoo artists may suggest that you lighten your old tattoos with laser. We find that tattoo removal helps to open up more options for clients trying to cover old unwanted art. Removery works closely with us at our shop to make sure that every session of laser tattoo removal is done with your coverup in mind.

Tattoo Removal Cost

Removery charges based on the size and number of sessions. Depending on the depth and density of your existing tattoo your artist may need as little as one to four sessions of laser before we can get started. If your tattoo is saturated and the new tattoo design requires large fields of negative space. You and your artist may choose to use more sessions of laser if not remove the tattoo entirely.